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The Poetics of Extinction Rebellion

Our global physical environment is increasingly altered by the consequences of human conflict and economic growth, as a global consumer market drives short-term profits and prioritizes technologies of degradation throughout the ecological inheritance of living species. Generally, people have great

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Listening and Disruption

I read this aloud as part of a “round table” at the zoomed annual spring meeting of the society for psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy (division 39 of the american psychological association), scheduled for march 2020 and finally delivered in march

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Notes for 02/10/2018 reading in Amherst revised

NOTES : new year short for triumph? truncation of triumph? realization of the deficient, ingrown, self-cancelling nature of triumph? time stops, backslides, craps out, resorts at random we do need to learn to live with it while also wondering whether

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