The Concertgoer

An authentic active radical music that seems to revel in its audacity, its dry oblique wit, its divagations and unanticipated contrasts and reframes, all with a moody melancholy sense of loss and impending loss. I have a sense of “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” on the part of myself and of the composer – and of the music.

The performance however is a bit louche.

5 Duo Canons from JSBach’s Art of the Fugue & Kodaly Duo in Dminor Op. 7

We are reminded of the inevitability of the other, its inner laws interacting with our own, in surprises that seem imperative.

I feel like I’ve heard a faithful rendition of everything that’s in the music, but I haven’t heard the music.

Like a like liking its like

Even in a workmanlike rendition

Total Recall??

Expressive of experiences no one can understand who hasn’t been there, and which are extraordinary in their depths and dynamics.

                                                            10 11 2019

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