J. Gordon Faylor has published a 304-page edition of all 36 on-line improvised collaborative chats that Suzanne Stein and I performed for an international live audience in 2011-2012. You can read or download the pdf or order a bound copy of DO YOUR OWN DAMN LAUNDRY next time you feel like it. Take a look. Thanks again, Gordon!
As social distancing was getting underway in March 2020, I happened to notice Orchid Tierney calling for contributions in the form of poems on video for a new YouTube channel she was curating called Off Topic Poetics. I decided immediately to improvise a poem using my cell phone and came up with "Poetry Reading my Mind."
I've been writing a certain kind of go-ahead-and-write way, as unpremeditated as possible, each morning I'm home (which is nearly always) since October 29, 2018. These are handwritten in the four notebooks I had of a certain kind I like. I had photographed a few of these to post on Facebook but more recently have photographed and posted every one when I've written it on Instagram.