Isolated from a much longer current work, like the chap I have up at Essay EP, is Nothing but. Across the Margin webzine adds a photo and a little introduction.
An older man in the Marianao district of Havana gave a 1995 diary to my dorm roommate at the MLK Center there in February 2016. My roommate didn't feel he had any use for it, so he gave it to me. I brought it home and put it in a cabinet. I began writing on it early in June 2017. After a couple weeks, I decided to use my empty Tumblr page to post installments. Scroll down from the webpage in this link to read from the beginning of this year long project.
Available "NOW," a half-hour collaborative work that Suzanne Stein and I made in November 2017 for inclusion in the third, streaming-video day of the Third Annual Festival of Poets Theater, December 10, 2017. About a year earlier, Caleb Beckwith invited Susanne Stein and me to talk about our work in on-line improvisational chat text performances to post on The Conversant's website. The interview is temporarily posted on this website (see link at top of this page).