Cuba Blog #1 is a first try at reflecting on what I'm thinking about how it seemed to me to be ten days in Cuba in a friend-to-friend kind of delegation with Witness for Peace, 2/5-15/2016, then coming home again. Always only part of the story -- pieces of parts.
Essay EP digital editions has mounted a chapbook on line, the text of the second book of a trilogy nearing readiness for publication as one larger volume. What are these signals from? can be read by turning pages of the book on line or by downloading a PDF to read on a screen or print. This series also has lots of other fascinating and diverse chapbooks to explore.
Annex Press kindly invited me to do a project on its website. I contributed material every day or two for about 73 days last spring. Annex Press is archiving the material in dated sequence as separate pages at the annex press website. A full summary index of the materials posted per date appears at this page in the annex press website.