J. Gordon Faylor has published a 304-page edition of all 36 on-line improvised collaborative chats that Suzanne Stein and I performed for an international live audience in 2011-2012. You can read or download the pdf or order a bound copy of DO YOUR OWN DAMN LAUNDRY next time you feel like it. Take a look. Thanks again, Gordon!
I made a few video-readings in 2020 that I am very pleased with. Some were streaming and some were pre-recorded at home on my laptop. After accepting Orchid Tierney's invitation across her Facebook friends in March by making "Poetry Reading my Mind," I participated in a Brooklyn Rail Radical Poetry reading, in a Brooklyn Rail New Social Environment, improvising at the end of a long conversation on edges in artworks, and the Poetry Project's New Years Marathon Reading.
I responded to another invitation by recording an 85-minute talking reading on David W. Pritchard's SoundCloud-housed podcast, Raw Materials. David's made several outstanding recordings in 2020 exploring his own and others' poetics and products, and my intentions were to live up to his example as well as I could.