112 photographs and 6 videos are now captioned and sequenced on my flickr account on line. You can click on one of the icons in the upper right of the page to see a slide show, or click on pictures you scroll down to, or figure it out yourself. In the thoughts section of this website I put a travelblog, transcribed from voice recordings over 24 hours in Cape Breton.
Essay EP digital editions has mounted a chapbook on line, the text of the second book of a trilogy nearing readiness for publication as one larger volume. What are these signals from? can be read by turning pages of the book on line or by downloading a PDF to read on a screen or print. This series also has lots of other fascinating and diverse chapbooks to explore.
Caleb Beckwith invited Susanne Stein and me to have an interview conversation this summer to post on The Conversant's website. We are talking about our work in on-line improvisational chat text performances.