In addition to What Is Empty, the piece I made a video out of, from a reading in Rockland, ME, this past August, you can now see two newly mounted videos at my PennSound page of two events that I felt were major works -- a 2014 reading at the Zinc Bar, filmed hand-held by Robert Withers, and a 2010 New York City collaboration with the Jon Raskin Quintet and Konrad Steiner, who made a montage for this piece, improvised the ways it was projected on the wall, and recorded the video that documents it all.
Annex Press kindly invited me to do a project on its website and I contributed new material every day or two for about 73 days this spring. Annex Press is archiving the material in dated sequence as separate pages at the annex press website. A full summary index of the materials posted per date appears at this page in the annex press website.