Heir Apparent, a monthly on line journal based in the Volta website, published "in which the meaning is ruthlessly different" as its October 2015 issue. I'm delighted with how it looks, reads, and sounds (SILENT, but resonant).
My review of the recent Roof release by Trish Salah can be read in the admirably lively and casual psychoanalytic journal that commissioned it under the title "I didn't mean to be." More than a few, including comments on how some media picked up the story of an APA council vote.
Annex Press kindly invited me to do a project on its website and I contributed new material every day or two for about 73 days this spring. Annex Press is archiving the material in dated sequence as separate pages at the annex press website. A full summary index of the materials posted per date appears at this page in the annex press website.