What others wrote

Writing on line about my work:

Thomas Fink reviewed Open Clothes for Verse in September 2005.

Ron Silliman blogged a review of the ball in June 2005.

Rob Stanton reviewed Open Clothes in Jacket2 in October 2006.

Thomas Fink compares Open Clothes to Ron Silliman’s Sunset Debris in Jacket 34 in October 2007.

The Small Press School of Dissimulation: This 2008 article by Kaplan Harris has a lot to say about my role in a Marxist study group in the late 70s.

Nada Gordon blogs about the reading Stephanie Young and I did at the Bowery Poetry Club in February 2009.

Andy Gricevich blogged in April 2010 about Roaring Spring.

Poetry as Virtual Community : Luke Harley reviewed The Grand Piano in the February 2013 Jacket2.