PennSound : This page links directly to many audio recordings of different kinds, including

  • several readings in the Segue Reading series in New York City from 1979 to 2013,
  • “Views of Communist China,” a 1977 talk,
  • a privately improvised conversational work with Carla Harryman from 1978,
  • a tape cassette piece created in Chris Mason’s kitchen in Baltimore, MD, for a series he was producing in 1979 as Widemouth Tapes,
  • “Voiceovers” as improvised at EyeMediae in Ann Arbor, ME, in 1986,
  • a tape cassette I produced about 1992 selecting from studio and concert work with Splatter Trio,
  • and two oral improvisations composed entirely of questions, three dates apart, in February 2003.

Slought Institute : “Careers in the Arts,” a talk given in February 1978 at the Talk Series curated by Bob Perelman in San Francisco.  Website includes not only full audio of talk with discussion but also links to a 2006 transcript, typescripts copied from handwritten notes used to prepare the talk, and examples of responses to a questionnaire sent out as research in advance of the talk.

Other audio on line, in order of fabrication:

A Voice Box : an audio recording of a reading in Cortland Corners, introduced by David Highsmith, on July 23, 1979, primarily poems from  As Is.

Whale Cloth : audio recording of a November 1987 reading in San Francisco that formed the basis for “Back” in the book Reverse Order.  This piece was orally improvised on the basis of a two-sided margin-less page of single-spaced text.  The audio is juxtaposed here with a scrolling presentation of the prepared text, formatted for legibility on a screen.  A scan of the original format of the prepared text is also available at this website.  (Also, find a reading of this text by two voices in the Atlanta Poets Group, in a format based on its publication in two columns as “Back” in the book Reverse Order.)

Eoagh : an improvisatory collaboration with Jackson Mac Low in January 1996 in San Francisco presented here with a complete transcript and with introductory process notes.

Discreet Events :  an extended oral improvisation, premised on development through variation, presented as a poetry reading at the Discrete series in Chicago in October 2003.

Eoagh : my own and others’ 15-minute presentations at a May 12, 2007, panel on “The Body and Language Poetry” in New York City.  My statement is available in both audio of the public utterance and in transcription of the pre-recorded script for it.

The Grand Piano : collaborative performances of The Grand Piano by myself and other writers of this multi-volume collaboration, including

  • a June 2008 reading from The Grand Piano at the University of Maine at Orono in collaboration with Kit Robinson and Barrett Watten, each of us working from our own texts in the book series at that time, and
  • an October 2008 Detroit collaborative reading, based on a score by Kit Robinson, by Carla Harryman, Barrett Watten, Lyn Hejinian, Tom Mandel, Ted Pearson, me, and Robinson.

Piano : A few solo improvisations on a piano are posted on ReverbNation. More recent piano solos since December 2014, including a 30-minute improvised duet with Henry Finch on harpsichord, are up on my SoundCloud page.
the truth, also posted there, is a 7-minute orally improvised 2016 home recording, better alone than with the movie it was intended to partner. It goes its own way.

Sponge reading 2020: Andrew Kenower’s audio recording of my 20-minute reading at Kate Robinson and Caleb Beckwith’s Oakland, CA, apartment, following those of Jessica Friedman and Samuel Breslin, about 45 minutes into this recording.