About me

Since about 1970, I have presented my work through poetry readings and improvisational poetry performance – solo and with collaborators – in the United States and Europe, as well as in books and journals. More recently, increasingly, I have been able to site presentations of new and older works on line.

In addition to projects in which I made most all the compositional choices, I have collaborated in live public performances writers Leslie Scalapino, Jackson Mac Low, Norman Fischer, Carla Harryman, Jean Day, Laura Moriarty, cris cheek, Allen Fisher, Stephen Rodefer, the Splatter Trio, Paul Buck, saxophonist Dave Barrett, and choreographer Jeff Friedman. A 50-piece collaborative project with Suzanne Stein appeared in 2011-12. My most recent books, documenting oral improvisation, process poetics, and written poems, are Blue Book from The Figures/Roof, Roaring Spring from Zasterle, and Open Clothes from Atelos. With nine other poets of the 1970s Bay Area Language Poetry community, I co-wrote a ten-volume experimental autobiographical project called The Grand Piano.

I grew up in and near Princeton, NJ, then went to college in New Haven, CT, and graduate school in Irvine, CA. I lived a year in the suburbs of Goleta, CA, a couple years in Los Angeles, and then about 16 years in the San Francisco Bay area. Since 1996,I have worked as a clinical psychologist in private practice in a small town in Downeast Maine. I have two teenaged children here. I am active in the local food co-op, Waldorf school, and peace & justice group. I swim laps at the Y in the next town over.