I know what I’m thinking

And it is that I like playing what’s on the CD player in random order not because life is random (sometimes I wish it were, at least for a few moments, just to see) but because it gives the lie to the fallacy that anything passes in sequential order, it reminds me of simultaneity, it clarifies in practical moments a sense not that anything can happen but that cause and effect are merely strategies of thinking, and association is also. I seem to type more typos all the time. I do try to correct them. Have I? Anyway, while cooking this marvelous and horrible meal that may turn out to be comestible, I decided suddenly I felt like hearing that album of Early Takes that George Harrison didn’t put out but occurred to him posthumously, and I felt that I was getting it started on random sequence on my 3CD boom-box player from 13 years ago but nothing happened. No movement. So I pressed the arrow that points toward the right as I’ve sometimes found effective, and it immediately got me to hearing Eric Dolphy’s band close to the end of his life playing a tune that I knew immediately was about remembering Paris, and I have a feeling he recorded it in Europe and never did make it back to the states, but that’s his business and I’m not researching it.

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