Poetry is where you find it

As usual

not knowing

I don’t know how to

deal with

accept, embrace, relax, let go

so much pleasure

so much awareness

so much joy, so much sorrow, so much hurt

in myself and others, in us

in myself

and others

in us

I don’t know

I don’t

know how to

stay with, to integrate, I don’t know how

anymore, to stop, to go back, to stop

I don’t want to stop

I don’t need to stop

and I think I can’t stop


I’m here moving

on my feet

The novel I am listening to

when I drive

as absorbed in the novel as I can be

without losing authority

for conducting the car safely through

highways, roads, lanes, traffic

other drivers’ choices

behaviors of the roadway and the other drivers

and walkers and bicyclers and motorcyclists



about or concerned with

the deepening of spiritual awareness

the spiritual in some big sense

that includes the uncanny and unknown

the bigger than me, the bigger than us

and mystery, and power, a bigger power

that itself is full of surrendering

letting go

letting be




the age 70 transition

even planning ahead

involves more letting go



things to not happen

than it does

what can or might happen


the child in me

or the dog in me

makes frequent stops

to pee, to check the map, to take a little drink, to

wonder whether this or this is a trail I would rather go on

and even to just stop and notice something

a little more





trees, young and old

plants, underbrush






branches, fallen trees


nourishing one another

through the soil

and the atmosphere


Age 70 Transition

                                                                        (09 01 2019)

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